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    This week, we have another race file. An ordinary file from an ordinary guy at an ordinary Cat 4 time trial at Sandy Hook. And this guy did 380 normalized watts for 15:58. And that was not enough to win. Proving once again, that Category 4 is absolutely badass.

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    I'm still in Iowa for work, and I'm slowly introducing my brother's family to the strangeness that is the routine of a training (and yes, what I do officially does count as training) cyclist. My younger nieces are 6 and 3, and they are at the age where they have no reservations about speaking their minds or asking any question or more accurately, any series of questions they want to ask.

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    This week we have a file from a Kermis from a land formerly known as one of the "Low Countries", and no, it's not Luxembourg. The race had its share of continental teams along with some developmental teams for Quick Step, Landboukredit and the team formerly known as Silence-Lotto. This week's mystery rider finished 10th in this race.

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    This week's log is going to be achingly bereft of comprehensive training data. I've been called to Iowa this week for work, and I haven't brought my laptop-which has my copy of cycling peaks installed on it. So this week I will only have round numbers for my training data (oh, who am I kidding? I'll be mostly guessing at my numbers).

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    Every Calorie Counts from :The first in a series of articles about what riders eat.

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    When is a ride no longer a ride, but something else entirely? Submitted here are the numbers from a self-described "angst ridden" foray into the Lake George region to mitigate the effects of a term of unemployment a few years back. In light of our recent recession and in the spirit of self-help, we thought we'd post the ride numbers here, as a guide to those who may be out of a job.

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    Friday, January 16, 2009


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    Here at VCN and NYVC, we're not just about posting semi-interesting training data for just one aged, pathetic personage-we're about sharing! And today we're sharing some training data that was sent to us by a mystery person-not a mystery to us, mind you; but I think it's much more fun to not know who the rider is that pumped out the following wattage.

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    Friday, January 9, 2009


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    I've just realized that the training log is past the halfway point and I haven't submitted any long-ish blowhard-y recollections from my past—I will have to remedy that situation.


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