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    I recently had the opportunity to try out Greg Choat's Retül bike fit (Choat runs EnduroCoach, a New York coaching and bike fitting business for cyclists, triathletes, and other endurance athletes).

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    By Kenneth Lundgren

    I remember racing Bear Mountain Fall 2005. A breakaway of four went up the road. On the final lap, one of the riders, Ryan Morris of Cornell University, had flatted, and we picked him up road-side. Two more guys were scooped up, leaving only Dan Zmolik up the road, able to stay away for the victory.

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    Cadence Multisport and Fitness Center generously offered to show us how they use V02 max testing in conjunction with lactate threshold testing to get a clear picture of a cyclist

  • Please join us for a fun, informal evening with the OrganicAthlete Cycling Team presented by VegNews Magazine! They will speak about their experience racing at the elite level and share thoughts on how a whole food, plant-based diet provides them with the energy and nourishment needed for high performance, good health and a sustainable environment.

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    10-years coaching/20-years racing/8-years professional mechanic

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    Licensed USCF Expert Coach
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  • This article is the second of a series by esteemed Medical Director and Physiologist Iñigo San Millán of the Saunier Duval-Prodir Pro Tour Team. Wanna get really scientific about your training? Consider getting the man himself in your corner here.

  • Kristin Armstrong won the World's TT, reversing a 20-30 deficit after the first 10k (due partially to a dropped chain). Kristin picked up almost a minute over the next most downhill 18k. Wonder how she got her aerodynamic edge?

    PerformanceLabs-Hors Categorie Unveils New Website and Services for Cyclists and Triathletes

  • We got this article via Craig Upton, fellow Kiwi and friend of the author Ben Miller, PhD in Sports Medicine. Ben is also the husband of Meredith Miller, TEAm Lipton rider.

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