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Coach Profile: Zoltan Tisza

Sat, 02/18/2006 - 1:00am by alex

7 years coaching (2 years Team Manager)
15 years racing (Road, Cyclocross, Track)
15 years fitting (include National Champions,
Triathlon Olympic Distance World Cup Winner,
Ironman World Cup Winner)
14 years professional mechanic

Specialty as a Coach
Foundation, High Intensity and Individual Race Specific Training
Fitting and correcting position on the bike
Re-build and Optimize Pedal Technique
Bicycle handling skills
One-on-one session to learn acceleration, sprint, climbing, and intervals technique and position

Specialty as a Racer
Overall – with particular interests in Road (sprints, climbing) and Cyclocross

Personal Record (Key Highlights)
- Mountain Budapest Championship: 1st place
- Long Distance Budapest Championship: 1st place
- Long Distance National Championship: multiple podium placements
- Mountain National Championship: multiple podium placements
- 100 km Team Time Trial: 4th place Track
- Pont Race National: multiple podium placements
- 3000 m Individual Time Trial: 6th place Cyclocross
- Cyclocross Budapest Championship: 1st place (2x)
- Cyclocross National Championship: multiple podium placements International Grand Prix
- Hajuboszormeny Grand Prix Team: 1st place
- XX. Bukk-Mountain Grand Prix: 2nd place overall/2nd stage 20 km Time Trial: 2nd place

Contact info

Personal Philosophy
I believe in taking a holistic “hands-on” approach to training. Great results require preparation. This involves personal, one-on-one attention not only to fitness, but also strategy, endurance training, technique, and bicycle handling skills. My passion for pursuing excellence in this field has led me to develop unique strategies for targeting my client’s individual problem areas which, when properly addressed, consistently produce exceptional results.

Services offered
- Fitting
- Coaching
- Technical expertise
- Bicycling handling skill

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By: lee3
Tue, 02/21/2006 - 8:00pm

I'd pay money to see Zoltan in a Milram kit! The resemblance is uncanny.

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