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Interbike '11 Part 2

Mon, 09/19/2011 - 9:30am by Andy Shen
Andy Shen

More from Interbike. Schmalz in italics again. And here's bonus video of Creed being a total douche! (Click the link to view it on YouTube while we try to fix the embedding problems)

BH Ultralight
First of several 'gigantic downtube' shots.
BB386 is extra wide, which allows for the aforementioned big fat downtube and lots of stiffness.

Hold on, there's another bottom bracket size? These things change shape faster than Val Kilmer.

We failed to steal Eddy's soul this year. Bike shots will have to suffice. Meanwhile, what's up with the guy on the far right?
Another Merckx, I'm going to say that guy is picking his nose.
Toss in a PBR and this is pure hipster bait.

This bike told us all about its screenplay

At this point Creed is just stalking us.
Logs! Actual logs!
Big fat sparkly bike.
Really! Sparkles!
Not on the subway they don't.
Still want a 29er.
These handlebars have been rotated to look natural despite the display's angle.
The LeMond '86 Tour commemorative bike.

A black bike? Lemond didn't die did he?

Aussie Look.
Mondrian Look. ^ It Looks like we have these photos reversed, but we don't.
An inside... nope, I'm too dignified for that pun.
TT bikes, so complicated.
Lusty integrated stem on this mtb. That's Jacques Boyer with some Team Rwanda riders.
Great. No people in the background.
Frankie was all smiles 'til we started in on the Betsy jokes. Then his smile got wider.

Lance wasn't at Interbike, so we fired Frankie in absentia for him.

Oddly enough, I don't think there was a Marzocchi booth.

The "M" stands for "matriculating".

Matte finish and on-camera flash...mmm...
In this photo, I''m off camera, doing absolutely anything else than looking at TT bikes.
Lotta people in the background, no one doing anything funny.
FSA trigger shifters. I think it takes about 20 watts to push on these.
This bike's screenplay was crap.
Don't you just hate it when chainguards obscure your cool chainrings? Meanwhile, the dude suggests 'spin the bottle' to while away the time.
Only available to Sky and British Cycling until the '12 Olympics. What will Schmalz wear to his daughter's confirmation?
Ale Mateucci sings Schmalz to sleep.
Then gives Danish CX champ Joachim Parbo tips on Schmalz whispering. ("Mention kielbasa")
I think I shot this one just to annoy the Slam that Stem guys.

The decision to circumcise your steerer tube rest with the parents.

And this one too. Pinarello won't cut steerers!

Snip, snip. Geez Andy are you a bike mohel or something?

I think 'Prototype' is code for 'Hed'.
The shortest distance between two points is...not this.
Electronic Campy shifting yeti sighting!

Campy, bringing you yesterday's technology tomorrow!

Sparkles! And that's a $2000 sticker!
Ryder Hejesdal disputing a dinner check.

Ryder, you had three wine coolers. not two. Man, someone can't handle their Bartles and Jaymes Exotic Berries.

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By: Brent Skidmark
Wed, 09/21/2011 - 2:43pm
No photos of Rock Racing???
By: Mats Headbadge
Wed, 09/21/2011 - 1:58pm

Didn't they have a super awesome party and display?

By: Samuel Polished
Tue, 09/20/2011 - 3:55pm

No photos of the Campy girl?

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