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As the Toto Turns 260

Mon, 08/20/2012 - 1:56pm by Andy Shen

Managed Confession

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Barry Bonds...
By: Gaetan Ferrule
Sat, 09/01/2012 - 2:23am dating former pro Mari Holden. So she's the idiot who put him in the car, which she drives for Medalist at races.

..."if i can prove...
By: bikesoverthemoon
Wed, 08/29/2012 - 6:28pm

...he cheated on his home ec wine pairing..."... THAT is a bitch slap !!!... faced from lol-ing, with love, bgw...

not real races
By: User Name
Thu, 08/23/2012 - 11:19pm

C'mon, the vuelta and the pro cycling challenge are not real races. real races go around in circles in nyc parks. sheesh.

this site doesn't talk about racing.
By: dontcha know
Thu, 08/23/2012 - 10:13pm

I mean, have you seen anything about either the Vuelta or the Pro Cycling Challenge?

By: My Name
Thu, 08/23/2012 - 6:59pm

When did they race on Thursdays? Did I miss that? If it doesn't get reported here, did it really happen?

thanks phil
By: Kevin Brazeon
Thu, 08/23/2012 - 2:02pm

got it.

floyd start tonight
By: philbro
Thu, 08/23/2012 - 1:06pm

There are no more FBF races on Thursday. The Roubaix series is over for the year.

By: Kevin Brazeon
Thu, 08/23/2012 - 11:39am

what time does floyd start tonight?

das rasist bro.
By: Jules Seatpost
Thu, 08/23/2012 - 11:21am

das rasist bro.

Horse's as....
By: Guccio Headbadge
Thu, 08/23/2012 - 9:44am

Who is the idiot who put Barry Bonds in a car at the USProCycling race? "Let's put a known doper in the caravan... without a bag over his head." I know Armstrong's not available, but still, isn't Robin Williams doing, well...nothing right now?

well that's just tandy of
By: Noe Drainhole
Wed, 08/22/2012 - 11:24pm

well that's just tandy of you.

I went
By: M. Vinnicomb
Wed, 08/22/2012 - 9:44pm

to Radio Shack tonight. They asked me if I wanted to donate $1 to cancer. I told them I hate cancer.

They did it for Lance.
By: Gabriel Headbadge
Wed, 08/22/2012 - 6:39pm

They are so altruistic. Must all be cancer haters too

Dave Stoller didn't dope.
By: Noe Drainhole
Wed, 08/22/2012 - 6:26pm

Dave Stoller didn't dope.

They did it for Lance - the
By: Track
Wed, 08/22/2012 - 5:50pm

They did it for Lance - the kingpin gets the biggest sentance.

I agree with Renaldo Post
By: Arne Rear Entry
Wed, 08/22/2012 - 4:47pm

It's BS if they turn LA in they get only 6 months. Is there any top American rider that did not dope?

Floyd route update
By: Bontempi
Wed, 08/22/2012 - 1:36pm

Anyone know if the bike path along the water from Bedford to Floyd is clear? I heard it was buried under sand--thanks!

VandeVelde and Levi will go
By: Rinaldo Post
Wed, 08/22/2012 - 10:07am

VandeVelde and Levi will go down. JV is an ass. Give everyone 2 years including LA and call it a day. Move on.

Thank you. I will retire on
By: Niels Flange
Tue, 08/21/2012 - 8:07pm

Thank you.

I will retire on top of the anonymous comment podium now.

Just like my hero Lance.

That there's the best ____ to
By: Andy Shen
Tue, 08/21/2012 - 6:23pm

That there's the best ____ to _____ comment of all time! All time!

Kristen to Jesus.
By: Niels Flange
Tue, 08/21/2012 - 5:52pm

Kristen to Jesus.

Kind of funny how LA's ex
By: Hugo Gel
Tue, 08/21/2012 - 5:09pm

Kind of funny how LA's ex wife Kristen went straight to hardcore religion after the split.
She knew and went scared praying for herself and her kids.

By: Bendigo Floodpants
Tue, 08/21/2012 - 9:36am

looks more like Jason Bateman....

the falcon joke
By: monorchid conconi
Mon, 08/20/2012 - 10:27pm

that was funny to like three people

I thought DZ was a bad jackie chan.
By: Quentin Flange
Mon, 08/20/2012 - 5:12pm

Swapping out for some breakfast energy drink...

Very nice.
By: Old Steel
Mon, 08/20/2012 - 3:22pm

Very nice.

get toto outta hiatus
By: Gherardo Tigweld
Mon, 08/20/2012 - 2:51pm

you've been so late with all the lance stuff. I was hoping to see Judge Sparks giving him another bitch slappin'!

Is it just me, or does DZ
By: Logan Downtube
Mon, 08/20/2012 - 2:39pm

Is it just me, or does DZ look like Ted Mosby here?

witty and timely
By: mehi
Mon, 08/20/2012 - 2:24pm

but more sad then funny.

Too soon for a DA Toto?

not funny,,,
By: Samuel Supple
Mon, 08/20/2012 - 2:16pm

who does the illustrations?

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