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  • schmalz We're catching up with Christian Vande Velde who's recovering at his apartment in Girona, how are you feeling Christian?

  • schmalz We're, talking to Dave Zabriskie via IM, as he has a circus phone that doesn't work in Italy and he's in a hotel with no phones (I think he's in the outhouse right now), Dave, how are you, and more importantly in IM parlance, what are you wearing?

    zabriskie LoL

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    schmalz We're talking to Mike Creed who is again a professional bike racer...

    Creed Hells to the yeah!

    schmalz So now you can fill your days with riding your bike and coming home to play video games, I assume.

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    schmalz We're talking to Jonathan Vaugthers, director for the Garmin Slipstream Team

    JV And I'm talking to Dan Schmalz, guy who bags on me on Twitter.

    schmalz Bags on you on twitter!

    JV Or on his website, I don't know. I always forget where I read this stuff.

    schmalz Well, Andy does all the twitting.

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    schmalz So we're catching up with Christian Vande Velde, who is in Spain at his house. So far, Christian, you've had a good season, and you've even come away with a victory in a stage in Paris Nice. How is this year different from last year for you?

    It's 2009.

  • schmalz It's a pleasure to talk to you. If US cycling had a Mt. Rushmore I think you'd make it to the front. 

    Hampsten (Laughs)

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  • feed05.jpg

    Mike Creed of Rock Racing is one of our favorite bike racers, because: A - he talks to us, and B - he's funny - or he thinks he is. We are asking him more questions, and trying to avoid questions that may get him fired - because we would have no one to talk to.

  • "So there is no doubt in my mind he (Lance Armstrong) took EPO during the '99 Tour."


  • schmalz So the first question, and I don't know how to phrase this other than to be blunt so I'm just going to come right out and ask it.

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