The New Velocity Nation Is Up

Velocity Nation was built for those who feel the need for speed.
We are solely focused on anything that makes us go faster.

That is why we needed a new website.

As you have probably noticed by now, this website is pretty fast.
The reason it's fast is because we are minimizing the work that is need to create the page.

Basically, we build the page to be completely done so that it takes no time at all to download and display.

With a site like this, we'll be able to bring you more exciting news about e-bikes and electric scooters.

Covid has slowed everything down. But it hasn't stopped us. Once everyone will be able to get out again, the fun continues.
There will be new, and even faster scooters.
There will be more capable electric mountainbikes.

So hang in there. Before you know it, we'll back to doing what we do best.

Stay safe!
The Velocity Nation team